Overall Improvement – Thanks to a Conflict


Looking at the whole system and using a psychometric tool leads to improved cooperation.

  • MBTI psychometric tool
  • Coaching

Client Situation

Conflict between team members Eric and Harry was so bad that it affected the efficiency of other teams. As a result, overall output fell.

The obvious course of action was to sack one of them. However, as both Eric and Harry were valued experts in their field, their manager decided to ask for help.


 "Most  obvious solution isn't always best"

Transformative Solution

The diagnosis was that neither Eric nor Harry were the cause of the problems. Instead, we discovered:

  • The work process produced conflicts and needed optimisation.
  • The whole team needed to appreciate different styles of working and communicating.


The psychometric tool MBTI helped to see, respect and even appreciate the different personalities. This generated a very constructive energy. The team’s performance improved as soon as they took advantage of the differences rather than fight them.

Differences that were once perceived as problems became a treasured resource.

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