Introducing a New Leadership Culture


New leadership style brings better results

  • Situational Leadership Model
  • Organisational coaching via tailor-made seminars

Client Situation

The new head of the IT division perceived a lack of leadership. Most team leaders were buddies who were reluctant to direct their colleagues.

Transformative Solution

The recommendation was to initiate change from the top down. After defining the desired values and style for leadership and teamwork, the next step was to introduce the Situational Leadership model combined with a new culture of dialogue.

The principles established at top management level were passed on through tailor-made seminars at all levels of the organisation.


A new pattern of leadership and communication emerged, leading to optimal teamwork.

Two years later, this division rated “best” in the company’s Employee Satisfaction Assessment. It is no coincidence that the overall IT system availability increased in these 2 years significantly, with a 90 per cent reduction in down time.

Leadership can be quiete. 
Connectedness can be great without  talking.
Situational Leadership, Dialogue

Culture change is a long journey - personal behaviours, signals and structures need to be looked at. Make sure you do it with experienced people sharing your values. 

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