Align My Tribe! (4D-Mapping)


The use of an experiential approach at Outback Initiatives.

  • Social Presencing Theatre
  • 4D-Mapping


Client Situation at the beginning of 2017

Outback Initiatives has successfully facilitated leadership, personal growth and change through experiential learning in the outdoors for over 23 years. The business is run by 5 employed staff members and about 35 freelancers. The majority don’t really know each other as they only join for a specific program on an irregular basis. The founder is now handing over the full decision power to the current Managing Director. A good time to get clarity about the new direction and synchronise all efforts to align this wonderful tribe.


Transformative Solution

The decision was taken to invest in a full week of professional development aiming at co-creating the OI ‘tribe’ under the now fully empowered Managing Director. Imagine about 40 rather tough the outback loving people, many with army experience, having to sense and use their gut feel. This was for some definitely outside their comfort zone but that’s exactly where most learning and discovery happens.

To set the tone for the week of learning and building healthy, sustainable relationships we started with a 4D-Mapping from the Social Presencing Theatre set of tools. We went through 4 steps:

  1. Introduced the scientific evidence of our multiple brains.
  2. A short body mindfulness exercise for us all to get in the right mind space.
  3. 4D-Mapping where key elements/roles/stakeholders of the organisation were embodied by volunteers. First, these volunteers sensed and expressed what was currently going on (sculpture 1). Then as the second step, they demonstrated what possibilities wanted to emerge (sculpture 2).
  4. Generative Dialogue in 3 phases: 1st Facts, 2nd Interpretations, 3rd Conclusions

Deep Impact

  • It became a felt experience for all that the business is at a turning point and now needs to become more professionalised in regards to the internal processes.
  • The 4D-Mapping emphasised the importance to maintain a connection between business and founder.
  • The atmosphere in the room with round 40 people moved from individual presence and agenda towards a WE-feeling creating an open minded constructive tribe open for the following days of this professional development week.
  • This session gave both the founder and the Managing Director peace of mind after now having more clarity about the big picture and next steps.
  • Two very new people representing stakeholders in the exercise phrased their sentence in the sculpture 2 (showing the emergent future) in such a well mirroring way, that the observing actual role holders had to express their total surprise of this accuracy. A demonstration of not 'knowing' making us more open for what is really going on.


Results in the words of the client


Sheryll FisherManaging Director
Outback Initiatives

This innovative and powerful 4D-Mapping provided unexpected insights making me review my mental models. As a result I rearranged my focus points/priorities. After acknowledging the present status with its challenges and then as a second step seeing the emerging possibilities, the whole group shifted from friendly connected individuals to a ‘tribe’ of people supporting a common goal in a relaxed and open way. Thanks to Andre’s experience and refined intuition, his high systemic expertise and his deep integrity, I definitely can recommend this out-of-the-box thinking approach facilitated by Andre. Thanks Andre!

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