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Align My Tribe! using 4D-Mapping

Change at the organisation’s top. Necessity to get aligned and pull in the same direction despite majority of staff being freelancers: We need to create an aligned tribe!

Introducing a New Leadership Culture

The new head of the IT division perceived a lack of leadership. Most team leaders were buddies who were reluctant to direct their colleagues.

Overall Improvement Thanks to a Conflict

Most obvious solution is not always the best. Looking at the whole system and using a psychometric tool leads to improved cooperation.

Burki Leadership supports leadership growth for individual executives/leaders and promotes collective leadership. Clarity and connectedness, courage and care will help you adapt and thrive for the benefit of all.

What We Tackle

... for you, your team and your organisation
Coaching, Team & Organisational Development

The specific approach will be the result of our first conversation. It will always be tailor-made.

  • Setup for your personal fulfillment and success as an extraordinary leader: --> Coaching

    Coaching of executives, leaders, specialists.

  • Setup for thriving teams: -->Team & Organisational Development

    Supporting team or organisations wanting to having a positive impact on our society and perform at a higher, healthier, happier level.


Why team? I love to work with trusted colleagues. It also allows to serve bigger scale projects. More importantly clients benefit from a richer variety of approaches and reflections by allowing co-facilitation where needed.
Andre Burki
Andre Burki
Co-creating a collective leadership with an aligned vision, connectedness, courage and care transforms to high performance
Lateral thinking is one of my strength as a leadership coach and team developer. I am passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations who want to improve and grab the emergent possibilities.
Fiona Brooks
Fiona Brooks
Pursuing a higher purpose means helping to make the world a better place for yourself and for others.
I can help your business become more innovative and agile, quicker to evolve in response to change. You’ll gather great ideas from all parts of the business and find creative solutions to complex problems.
Doug Aberle
Doug Aberle
Successfully achieving change requires a will to do something different and some personal investment.
I help facilitate change. That can be at a personal level, in your leadership style, or within a Board or Executive team. Whatever the business problem being faced, I teach the leadership team to be calm, curious, compassionate and courageous.

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Example of projects in the last 2 years: Executive Coaching for the Department of Treasury. Coaching of Managers at the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage. Leadership WA Signature Program and UNHCR Coach. Pro Bono coaching during COVID-19 for a government department and an international charity providing development aid. The aim is always to support growth personally and then as leader and get more clarity, energy and better impact as a CEO, manager, expert or as team.